Advantages of being a member

"A Society that is unrepresentative and without memory cannot be at the forefront of decisions in defense of its members, the activity it represents, the community, and its own goals and ideals."

   The aims and objectives of ABTO will only be achieved when strengthened by an expressive number of associated professionals, representative of the most diverse areas, directly or indirectly linked to organ and tissue transplantation.

Members periodically receive ABTO's publications. They are

RBT - Brazilian Registry of Transplants - A magazine with the numbers of transplants and organ and tissue donation activities in Brazil, by organ, state, region and transplant center. The magazine is released quarterly in digital form and annually, with the data from January to December, and the latter is printed and sent to the members' mailing address. In addition, there is an annual electronic version, published in English, with data from January to December, and also an annual registry, with pediatric data only. All versions of the registry are available to members through a password on the ABTO website.

JBT - Brazilian Journal of Transplantation - A journal of scientific papers related to the field of transplantation, published quarterly, in digital format.

ABTO News - Informative newsletter, with varieties of the transplant community area, where every associate has a reserved space. It is disseminated in printed and digital form to all associates.

Other advantages:

Home Page da ABTO ( )with its scientific pages, links, chat, etc. The registry of the associates will be available for research, thus divulging their transplant activity via the Internet. The Home Page is an agile instrument for research and correspondence, creating a permanent forum for debates, suggestions and criticism.

Congresses: Discount in the registrations for the Brazilian Transplant Congress and the Luso-Brazilian Transplant Congress, as well as in several events supported by ABTO.

International Associations: Possibility of joining TTS, with a discount in the annuity, if indicated by ABTO.

Come and join us to strengthen your society and contribute with your ideas and criticisms, as well as publicizing your activities and your entity!

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