To join ABTO just fill out the three steps of the registration form, specifying the category for which you propose: full member or correspondent. The bank slip for payment of the annuity will be sent to the indicated address and/or e-mail, a few days after approval of the Proposal.

Full Members: are medical or non-medical professionals engaged in activities related to organ and tissue transplantation, being admitted by approval of the board of directors. Important: to become a full member, at least one presenting member must be cited.

Corresponding MembersCorresponding members: are individuals or legal entities that, in Brazil or abroad, having interest in the programs developed by ABTO, manifest their desire to correspond with the Association, being admitted as approved by the Board of Directors. Corresponding members will not have the right to vote or to be voted.

Academic PartnersThe annual fee for academic members is R$ 80,00 (eighty reais) and they will lose their membership after finishing the graduation course, not automatically becoming full members, which will only happen, according to the criteria established in these bylaws, upon new approval.

OPO/CIHDOTTThe ABTO annuity will be complimentary for people who meet one of the criteria below:

OPO: Healthcare professionals working in State or Regional Transplant Centers.

CIHDOTT: Healthcare professionals working in State or Regional Transplant Centers.

IMPORTANT: The courtesy member cannot run for elective office or participate in the society's electoral processes.

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