The GAT - Transplant Support Group is formed by professionals from different areas who work with transplantation. Our proposal is that we can offer information and orientation to patients who are waiting for transplants or are transplanted and to their families.

Clarifications can be found in the manuals and texts that can be found on this page.

Some of the materials available here refer to specific areas, to make it easier to find them; however, it is important that patients and families understand, as we do, that health care is about taking care of everything that concerns the patient.

On this page you can also register your doubts, questions, and suggestions:

Effective Members

Maria Celeste do Patrocínio de Almeida (Coordenadora)
Letícia F. Lazarini (Vice-Coordenadora)
Graça Maria Marino Totaro
João Erbs
Sandra Maria Matta
Andrea Ramaglia

Collaborating Members
Bartira de Aguiar Roza
Karina Dal Sasso Mendes

GAT History
On March 12, 2004, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants - ABTO, the Transplant Support Group - GAT was created, under the coordination of Psychologist Rosana Trindade Santos Rodrigues.

The first meeting was attended by Dr. Walter Pereira, president of ABTO, Dr. Maria Cristina Ribeiro Castro, vice-president of ABTO. Maria Cristina Ribeiro de Castro, vice-president of ABTO; the Psychologists: Rosana Trindade Santos Rodrigues, Alexandre Bezerra do Nascimento e Silva, Maria das Graças Saturnino de Lima, Sandra Fernandes de Amorim, Denise Diniz, and Rita Calegari; the Nurses: Valdecira Maria Piveta, Bartira de Aguiar Roza, Fátima Beatriz Ferreira, Iriane Dias Murbach, and Maria Celeste Patrocínio; the Nutritionist Simone Chicoli de Santana, and the patient Renize Marta Riccio Frazão.

Acesse nossos materiais sobre o assunto:

Manual de Orientação ao Paciente

Manual de Assistência Social

Manual de Orientações Odontológicas

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